Our Story..


Black Bear Burger was created in 2016 by husband and wife team Liz and Stew Down, who after spending two years doing ski seasons in Whistler, Canada, surrounded by people having the best time of their lives, realised that it was important to do something that they were passionate about. Stews passion was cooking; he grew up on a grass fed beef farm in Devon and always had the freshest home-grown and homemade food and a mantra of cooking using only the best produce.  Once back in the UK, Stew and Liz moved to London and decided to set up a street food stall focusing on their favourite food - burgers. Simple, done well is their ethos, and within six months of trading once a week at Broadway market whilst still working full time, Stew as an oil analyst and Liz as a Burns specialist nurse, they had built up a reputation of having one of the best burgers in London. After a residency at Street Feast Hawker House they were invited to Mr Hyde’s National Burger Day and since then have gone full time and are now at BoxPark, Shoreditch seven days a week. Lucky you.




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